Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ironing board

Here's a quick post to show you the ironing board I made.   I was rearranging my sewing room and due mostly to lack of space I ended up putting my long dresser in front of my sewing table.

   I kind of wanted to keep that space free so I would be able to spread out my projects and pin on borders, but knowing me it would end up covered in junk and make the room look a mess.  

So I decided to make use of the space. I have a lot of wood hanging around so I grabbed a 1x12 and  4 1x2s and got to work cutting it up.  

Then drilling the pocket holes.....

and after about 20 minutes of drilling and screwing, the four boards are now joined as one.

I didn't just want to let this board rest on the dresser top so I added some legs....  I cut those just the right size to have it meet with the tabletop. 

Next thing you know... I have a mini table... 

Now I need to cover it.... I used three layers of batting and a twin sheet that I cut the elastic off...

got out my trusty electric stapler/nailer and .. after a few minutes I was done... here it is... an 18x72 ironing board. 

  I love it already!