Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first post

This is my first post.... the unsure post... the post that I have no idea what to write about post...I'll just start from the beginning if I am going to write about what I like... I like decorating my house... well what I call decorating... how I wanted my rooms to look is maybe a better description of what I do.  And my new found love... woodworking... not exactly a new love... just finally getting to mess around with it.  After years and years of watching CPTV, HGTV and diy Network, I am finally getting my hands in there and doing instead of just watching.

We moved in here in May of 2005 and since then I have done many, many projects around the house.... some are completed... some are left in the good enough state... some are still needing attention in more ways than one and some rooms have been completely overhauled.  My kitchen is still a work in progress... not complete yet, and I'm ready to change it again ... oh boy...I still have rooms to paint that haven't been touched since we moved in... little by little I get things done... or mostly done...

In the next few days, weeks, or maybe months, I'm going to be looking through tons of pics and blogging about them.  My most recent projects have been to the credit of Ana White...without her website www.ana-white.com and her Facebook page Knock-Off Wood, I wouldn't be doing this right now.  Also  have to shout out to my favorite tool my Kreg Jig.   So glad to have caught that informercial !!

Hope you follow along...

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