Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Library

I love to read... and my son loves to's only fitting that his daughter should love to read as well. And I love buying books... it's my thing... I give books for gifts... I can't count how many books I've gifted over the years. When my son was very little I started him in a couple book clubs... and I still have every one of them. Now they are Marlee's! So I wanted to make her a place to read them.
So here it goes...

I had some old Ikea ottomans that I had picked up at work... for a while they sat in Marlee's room with no purpose... then they acted as a safety net in case she rolled too far from her bed... but really no purpose, because she never did.. so I decided I would repurpose them.. 

And her wasted closet space

So I took down the shelf, and the closet rod hardware and patched the wall

Then I painted the wall ultra bright white and lightened up her wall color and added the band of pink .

Now here's the scoop on the bench... or as Marlee calls it .. her "couch".

I had a bunch of scrap boards from Marlee's kitchen set and various other projects so I decided instead of buying a solid piece of wood I would Kreg them together and that's exactly what I did

Six boards later and I have the perfect sized bench.

I bought some foam pillow forms from Walmart and they were the perfect size!
Trial run in the closet to see how it fits... looks good to me!

So now I upholstered the bench seat...with $20 worth of pillow forms and  with fabric I already had... just made it in some spots.. nice snug covering..

Then I attached the dismantled ottomans to the bench top.

Strategically stapled and pleated the fabric across the base


And gained all this storage!!

Next came the book ledges.... I had planned to make two for each side wall in the closet... that's where I started ...
So I started making the cuts... lots of cuts...


And drilling the holes

and painting...and sanding and painting....

and screwing....

and I have shelves...

I won't bore you with the details of hanging the shelves... but now my little Marlee has a library....

and more books than I can display... so right after the reveal it was time for more shelves!

I cut all my wood again...

Had a little accident with the stop collar slipping on my bit... oops!!!

All the other steps later... we have more book shelves...

With left over wood, I made shelves for displaying her girls....
and she has told me more than once....
I don't like them there Grammy....
oh well !!! 
 lol... she'll grow into it...

I have a feeling I'll be making more shelves soon.... or cancelling her book club membership!!!
Here's where you can find how to make these shelves too... Thanks Ana!!


  1. Laura, this is so cute! you did such a great job explaining it, and she'll get used to the dolls, don't worry if she does a little "redecorating" herself!
    Very good post! keep it up!

  2. blog about how you did the roll pillows! mine never come out right, pretty please?

  3. What an amazing job! Good use of old space..what does a toddler need a closet for anyways..?LOL!!!

  4. Laura, this is amazing....nice job....

  5. Great job to make a beautiful space!